Thursday, June 20, 2019

Speech Final about our last group project Essay

Speech Final about our last aggroup project - Essay ExampleWith the ever increasing multicultural variegation of the society these dynamics atomic number 18 therefore predicted to remain as a major concern for group workers like us volunteers. Team dynamics is immovable by factors like, environment of the team, time, and composition of the team.The group dynamics can be categorized into five main domains (1) patterns of interaction and communication processes, (2) cohesion and attraction that arises interpersonal, (3) shape and integrating socially, (4) control and wiled of power, (5) and the overall culture of the group. Comprehension of group dynamics is critical for effective practice with individuals together with the community in this case the train community. Therefore by ignoring the therapeutic power of dynamics of the group greatly reduces the ability of a worker like a volunteer to aid the members to collide with their goals. This is very vital for any successful part icipation in volunteer work because it forms a benchmark for good workmanship.According to Engleberg & Wynn (p.245) argue that lack of teach or wrong composition of the team will result in critical skill gaps that will most of the time lead to the decrease in the overall performance of the team. Moreover, the size of the team will influence the outcomes of the groups. By studying the relationship between the size of the group and group outcome in work places a negative relationship between the quality of the relationship among team members, size of the work group and organization was found.The processes of communication and patterns of interaction are paramount in group dynamics. These are very important components of social interaction that are an influence to the behavior and attitude of members of the group. The face to face group members have an experience of both verbal and non-verbal types of communication. Leaders who are effective in their work are to ensure that they liste n attentively to the meaning

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