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Animal Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Animal Behavior - Essay ExampleIn what ways were chimpanzees superior to populace Goodall observed (p. 232) that unlike humans, a chimpanzee is non inhibited by any fear of making a fool of him/herself. What this means is that chimpanzees may not exhibit in their maturity the effects of any traumatic experiences in their childhood. They instinctively meditate from their experience and move on is what she seemed to imply, although such(prenominal) a conclusion may be ambiguous scientifically because it was not possible at the time of her observation to have any properly documented childhood histories of the adult chimpanzees she observed. And, of course, what we may consider goosy behavior may be for a chimpanzee just an ordinary show of animal happiness. At the least, we can admit that chimpanzees are superior in a way because they do not go around rampaging in the forest just because they were bullied by others of their kind, as Goodall observed.Goodall also made some observat ions where humans were better than chimpanzees, and this is in caring for their young (p. 185). Unlike humans where the male of the species get involved (emotionally and physically) from pregnancy to adulthood, male chimpanzees do not do so, leaving the task and troubles of pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing to the female. This form of behavior Goodall marks as one of the main differences amongst human and chimpanzee societies. This leads us to ask whether this difference has something to do with the uneasiness in human society today, and whether leaving child-rearing to human mothers would be better.There were other instances when Goodall found chimpanzees in a league of their own and incomparable to humans, such as in the way they trust the others, especially humans, or in the tolerant and kind behavior they show towards their young (p. 74 p. 178). They do not turn traitor, friendly one moment and then rapacious the next, or harm others for no reason. This did not mean that c himpanzees do not express aggressive behavior when threatened, but once they accept someone as their own, everyone is expected to follow the established social order or get out of the group (perhaps, start a new one). In a sense, these chimpanzees were exhibiting animal behavior but devoid of the evil and bad intentions that abound among humans.Personally, Goodalls account shows the many similarities and differences between humans and chimpanzees, and leads me to question the advantages and disadvantages of rational behavior, or whether chimpanzees can teach us lessons that would help us make this world a better place. Looking at the world as it is now, I disagree with Goodalls observation (p. 34) that we accept the chimpanzee as Man, because I think it would be an insult to the chimpanzee. Perhaps later, when we humans learn to use our superior mental and spiritual capacities to do what is good and to avoid evil, it would be an honor for us to be accepted by the chimpanzees as the ir biological and genomic kin.The Truth about DogsBudiansky (2001) presented a genomic dimension of mans best friend, a genes eye view to show how dogs evolved from their

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