Saturday, June 22, 2019

Human and Addiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human and Addiction - Essay ExampleTelevision Addiction It is satirical that many community globally atomic number 18 mostly harmed with what they love most. Things that lead hoi polloi to addiction and stock-stilltually land them to problems atomic number 18 not basic things, but luxury things. It is not compulsory for people to take alcohol especially those who do not have control of it beca wont they know that they will eventually land into problems. Strong desire of things is not only associated to physical substances. Those obsessed to gambling find it to be uncontrollable while those who are addicted to sex find it to be fanatical. Globally people are addicted to tellys, when somebody does not have appetite of a certain meal or he does not want to share in a discussion, they usually take the remote control to get consolation from the telly. Parents are bothered with how their children are take uping idiot box yet they too have the kindred problems. Researchers have c oncluded that people who are addicted to video usually engage in dialogues while their eyes are stuck to the television. It does not matter whether the conversation is important, these people cannot turn their eyes away from the television (Kubey and Csikszentmihalyi 1). ... They usually have a strong desire to watch the television, albeit they wish to stop watching the television excessively, but they usually fail to control themselves. These people continue watching television despite the consequences it accompanies. These characteristics are mainly connected to people who watch television frequently. It should be noted that watching television is not challenging because it entertains, educates and informs people. The problem usually sets in when the individual has a strong desire of watching the television and he cannot control it. The amount of time spent in watching television is unbelievable because many people save their time of work and others even sacrifice their sleep to watch television. Due to these trends, people who are age eighty have watched television for ten good years. Many broadcasters argue that people who watch television do it out of their own will but what is not understood is why this people usually complain on their watch to the television. When explorations were carried out, more than half of the populace complained of disproportionate TV watching (Kubey and Csikszentmihalyi 2). Various researches have been carried out to detect people reactions in watching television with the use of highly sophisticated equipments in the laboratory. The work of these machines is to detect how the brain, skin and heartbeat react to watching television. Another method that was used to detect reactions of watching television in normal life apart from the controlled environment in the laboratory was Experience Sampling Method. In this method, the participants were required to carry around a pager in their pockets and they were alerted six to eight ti mes so as they could write what they were doing

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