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Rasputin essays

Rasputin essays Folklores are tales shrouded in mystery and mysticism, often depicting a time and an era long since dead, but there is a story of a man, not to long ago which entertains all the traits of a tall tale. Nobody in recent Russian history commands as much villainy, sainthood and mystery as the charismatic and often elusive Grigory Efimovich Rasputin. This saint who sinned# played a constructive role in the disruption of the Romanov family, the political upheaval of Russia and the eventual fall of the Tsar and his family. There were some that believed him a messenger of god, but in truth Rasputin was a just man, a man who had the incredible ability to deliver people from the confinements of their minds to the righteousness of faith. As past tales have shown, the religious or revolutionary awakening of an individual or a nation results in an irrevocable disruption of the current foundation. Whether Rasputin was the political mastermind or just a humble monk who believed in the pl easures and gratuity of occultism, he changed Russia in a way that will never be repeated or repented. Tsar Nicholas II son Alexei the only male produced by the royal couple, was the foundation of Rasputins bond with the Tsars. On the second meeting with the tsars, Rasputin requested to meet their son. # He asked for their consent to relieve the childs suffering with a prayer.# Alexei had not been able to fall asleep, beleaguered by his last attack of Hemophilia.# The eccentric peasant approached the crib and began to pray.# Before the tsars themselves, the boy began to grow tranquil and peacefully fell asleep. He awoke healthy the next morning, and it was called a miracle by the tsarina.# Rasputin had now become indispensable. # But Rasputins behavior grew more out of control by the minute.# The monk boasted of his exploits with the Empress and her daughters, even claiming the Tsar was at...

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Theory Aspects of Website Development Assignment

Theory Aspects of Website Development - Assignment Example It is a large scale search engine that employs heavy use of hypertext structure. Its design allows it to crawl and index the web efficiently thence producing satisfying search results. Google search is based on the PigeonRank which is a technology based on collection of flocks of pigeons in dense clusters and in that, it is able to process search queries faster other traditional search engines. Yahoo search is another conventional search engine that has gone through several evolutionary stages to where it is to date. Owned by Yahoo Inc, it indexes the common HTML page formats as well as several other page file-formats. It uses a web-based crawler search engine having customized capabilities of all search engine companies it has acquired to become a powerful search engine tool. Interactivity of web pages: Web pages are documents that can be accessed through web browsers. The information in a web page can take several formats that include HTML, XHTML, DHTML (Dynamic HTML), XML, etc, and these may provide linked navigation to other web pages using hypertext links. The retrieval of web pages may be done either locally or remotely where web servers process user requests using a TCP/IP protocol. When web pages are created, they include both static content and some other which may be within the web server’s file system or dynamically constructed by the server side software. A web site administrator can make a web site interactive using various methods. The use of hypertext links has been the conventional way of achieving this task but there have also emerged other powerful methods that take inclusion of XML and DHTM (Dynamic HTML). XML is highly interactive and it promotes internal web pages linkages rather than internal links.

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Impact Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Impact Evaluation - Essay Example In social change, impact implies a long term effect on the society. Solorzano and Bank (2008, p.12), explain that the effect may be unintended, intended, negative or positive. A good impact evaluation must focus on the relevance of the intervention. To determine how relevant a program or project is, its objectives are assessed to determine if they are right or not. The SDSI strategy of Puntos de Encuentro’s main objective was to prevent more infection of HIV in Nicaragua. The intervention that the strategy employed in the case study is the use of the mass media and its communication programs to reach the community. This strategy is relevant to Puntos de Encuentro’s objective because it is through communication to the affected members of the society that that health education and general awareness to the society would be made possible. Deacon (2007) illustrates that in health programs, objectives such as the empowerment and promotion of societal rights on issues such as violence, reproduction, drug abuse and HIV are used to do an accurate impact evaluation of the effectiveness of such programs or projects. In addition, Bradshaw, Solorzano, and Bank (2006) emphasize that it is through the objectives of a project that its relevance is determined and therefore good impact evaluations must be able to assess whether a program for social change is relevant to the intended goal or not.

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Figuring Fixed Costs Essay Example for Free

Figuring Fixed Costs Essay 10.1 The highest number of meals served was 4,900 in December, with the lowest of meals being 3,500 in July making a difference of 1,400 of meals served, between the two months. The cost per meal variable is 1400à ·$5500.00 for a total of $3.93 (WHDM’s) fixed cost is computed as follows $20,500.00-(3,500*$3.93) =$6,745.00 According to the following â€Å"formula: PX=A+Bx 5.77x=$6,745+$3.93† 5.77-$3.93=$6,745+ ($3.93-$3.93) 1.84x=$6,745 1.84x*1.84x=$6,745*1.84x â€Å"X=3,666 Monthly BEP 3,666*12= 43,992 BEP for the fiscal year† (, 2012), for the Westchester Home- Service Meal Delivery program, since the program received 45,000 meals to serve and only needed 43,992 of them their profit is going to come from selling the other 1008 meals at a . 84 per meal making a profit of $1,854.72. 10.2 NRCC and Its BEP Annual revenue = $20.00 per subscription Annual variable rise for â€Å"making and mailing six bimonthly issues has risen 4.50 â€Å"(Martin, L., 2001) (NRCC) annual fixed cost is 6,000 + 3,900 = 9,900 Per subscription (NRCC’s) annual margin would be 20-4.5 for a total of 15.5 Making their BEP as follows 9,900/15.5 equaling 639 PX = A+Bx 20x=6,000+3,900+4.50x 20x=9,900+4.50x 20x-4.50x=9,900+ (4.50x-4.50x) 15.5x=9,900 15.5x/15.5x=9,900/15.5x X=639 No way is this feasible, because there are two staff members, who are all ready at the maxim capacity of 650, leaving no capacity for any kind of slack. References: Martin, L. (2001). Financial Management for Human Services Administrators. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn Bacon, 2012,2013 University of Phoenix. (2001). Financial Management for Human Service Administrator. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, HSM 260 website.

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Graduation Speech: I Am Crowd Member No. 5 :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Well, my fellow graduates, this is really it. We are all probably feeling mixed emotions right now. Some feeling sweet relief that it is finally done, over, and finished. Maybe a twinge of sadness and nostalgia because pretty much all you have known for a good majority of your life has come to an end. I am sure by now we have all heard that question, "What are you going to do after high school?" Some of you do have definite plans and know exactly what you are going to be doing. But, if you are anything like me, you have probably rolled quite a few things around in your head and you have a pretty good idea of what you might do. Maybe all you have thought about is getting the heck out of here and meeting new people. But no matter what you do or whoever you meet, those new people and places are going to have one less thing in common with you. They won’t know what is was like going to a small school and knowing everybody’s face, or running to the lunch line on Wednesday for a hoagie, or hatching corny skits for assemblies, or marching in the parade at Homecoming. All of us in this room tonight have something in common, and high school is not something you forget. It only happens once and you can’t go back! (For most of us anyway.) So since we can’t stay here, we have to go somewhere else and make something of ourselves. But what are we going to do? What do we want to do? Sometimes, what we want to do isn’t exactly what we end up doing. We all have dreams. Everyone does, like myself for example. I know exactly what I want to do, but it doesn’t happen to be what everyone else likes to do as well .... and that’s to act. Whether it be a commercial, on stage, or in a movie, I like to act. It is what I love doing. What do I have to lose in trying. What do all of you have to lose in pursuing your dreams? I’m going to try my hardest to do what I love, even though members of my family and some of my friends are concerned that all I will get is a pimple cream commercial, or an insignificant role as "Crowd Member No.

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The Marketing principles

The Marketing principles I will present are; Understanding the customer's needs: ‘if you can speak the customers language you can understand their needs better† Book: Marketing plans 1996, (Angela Wheaton) It is very important that companies have the knowledge of customer's needs, as it is a key to a company. Markets are always changing; therefore companies needs to keep reducing new fashionable products. Companies need to know what their customers, wants and prepared to produce the right product. Such as new clothing, accessories, etc.One of the examples where customers satisfaction has been achieved is whereby online customers has received the packaged in order and in great shape. The Company has made sure the prices are affordable for their customers of all preference and (income) by being a high street shop which means it is affordable to people of all ages and class. Example if it is too high your customers will not buy. This means if the prices in H are too expensiv e their 10 company loses customers, less customers result in H losing sales. And if it is too low your cost will not be covered. And if prices in H are too low profits will not be made.H has a great customer service and customers can call for any questions they have, they are always willing to help with wide open arms, they are always willing to offer help and make them aware of the latest offers that they have for the customers. Secondly, the quality of the goods should also be considered, it should be at a satisfactory state and good condition Understand and keep ahead of the competition: Businesses have to make sure they keep up with competition, by having an eye on their competitors. Good competition is healthy for businesses as it will push the company to work harder and to be more successfully.They keep up with competition by being up to date with technology. H is leading the way in following a strategy of vertical integration with distribution network. This strategy has allow ed the company to directly collect and fully search information market. (www. Businesswoman. Org. 2004) Who are their competitors? They clearly do have competition. Which are Top shop, River Island, Berserk, Ezra, etc, Ezra is defiantly known for H biggest Competition cause of the similar fashion sense, which are Men's wear, woman's wear, accessories etc, not only do they use technology which the company H also uses .However for the company to be ahead of their competition; is by promoting their brand and teaming up with the famous Karl Laagered, designer for Channel, to create a high-end line that was also reasonable priced for the younger customers that H caters to. The results were extraordinary, as many items sold out within an hour. Recognizing this idea as an clear success, the company then went on to team up with other famous designers and celebrities such as: Stella McCarty, Victor & Roll, Madonna, Roberto Cavil Jimmy Coho, Sonic Riskily, and Lanolin†.This shows that H &M is always ahead of the competition by bringing new designs to the table (Marketing week October 2013) Furthermore H&M offer two man collections each year on spring and one in fall. Within each season, this allows H&M to continually refresh its inventory (Forbes, 2012) H? COLD Communicate effectively with its customers to satisfy customer's expectations: For genuineness to become successful, the ability to communicate well should be the aim of every business.Companies are willing to try their best to communicate with their customers/clients. This is important for all types of advertisement. Clients want to feel that they are the company's priority and a way to ensure this is by giving them exemplary customer service. Good communication is effective for meeting customer needs and an example of where this is demonstrated, is where the employer can quickly address any problems the customer may have with the new product.

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Prevalence Of Mental Health Illnesses Essay - 1585 Words

Prevalence of Mental Health Illnesses in Inmates In this country, individuals with a mental health illness make up half of all correctional facility intakes, which is rivaled with eleven percent of the overall populace, however, only 1 in 9 incarcerated individuals are given any care for their mental illness (Anasseril, 2007). When the much-needed care is absent in prisons and jails, inmates with mental health disorders experience excruciating signs and their disorder can decline and be plagued with misconceptions and delusions, unbearable worries, dangerous and uncontainable temperament (Ambrasky,2003). There are varying estimates on precisely how many individuals within the confines of prisons and jails that are mentally ill. According to a report by Abramsky, (2003) there is a projected 16% of state, federal, and local jails that consist of inmates with mental health issues. Althouse had comparable estimates in 2010, conveying study outcomes that suggested roughly 16% of the i ncarcerated individuals were quantified as having a mental disorder and more than 100,000 were being given psychotropic medication. Deslich, Thistlewaite, and Coutasse, (2013) estimated around 14-15% of inmates had a form of mental health disorder. These percentages are significant when compared to the 5% of the outside population that endure a mental disorder (Abramsky, 2003, pg. 17). According to reports from some states, there is a substantial rise in the percentage of incarceratedShow MoreRelatedMental Illness Of Mental Health Disorders1590 Words   |  7 Pagessomewhat reliable evidence has been gathered on mental illnesses and their prevalence. Before around the 1980’s though, the evidence that was gathered on mental illnesses was too inconsistent to be credible. In a survey conducted by the World Health Organization’s department of World Mental Health, data was gathered on the prevalence of mental health disorders in 14 countries around the world. The result s of these surveys conclude that mental health disorders are more prevalent than any other chronicRead MoreMental Health : Mental Illness1604 Words   |  7 PagesMENTAL HEALTH REPORT 1.Prevalence is the number of cases of disease in a given population* and is defined with epidemiological data. Mental health is a person’s psychological well-being. Associated diseases have become increasingly prevalent in Australia over the past decade, with a recent advertisement by the ABC highlighting that 50% of Australians will experience a mental illness. Mental illness is responsible for the third largest burden of disease in Australia, making it a priority. †¢ MorbidityRead MoreMental Health : Mental Illness1604 Words   |  7 PagesMENTAL HEALTH REPORT 1.Prevalence is the number of cases of disease in a given population and is defined with epidemiological data. Mental health is a person’s psychological well-being. Associated diseases have become increasingly prevalent in Australia over the past decade, with a recent advertisement by the ABC highlighting that 50% of Australians will experience a mental illness. Mental illness is responsible for the third largest burden of disease in Australia, making it a priority. †¢ MorbidityRead MoreCauses Of Homelessness1405 Words   |  6 Pagesmust understand their mental health and behavioral needs. The information they all share in common are the factors why a specific type of population became homeless. The interrelation of homelessness and mental illness are informed by many factors such as; the lack of support, extreme poverty, substance abuse, lack of affordable health insurance, and lack of affordable housing. The homeless population shares different struggles when dealing with homelessness and mental illnesses because there are notRead MoreMental Disorders Among Geriatrics Are One Of The Most Costly Public Health Dilemmas1055 Words   |  5 PagesABSTRACT Mental disorders among geriatrics are one of the most costly public health dilemmas. Depression, suicidal behavior, and Alzheimer’s are just a few common mental illnesses the elderly suffers from. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the number of older adults with mental illnesses is predicted to incline drastically. The growth of the population, has caused a burden on numerous healthcare facilities in America and many elderly individuals are less likely to seekRead MoreSymptoms And Factors Of Schizophrenia1344 Words   |  6 Pagesdefinition about schizophrenia, its symptoms and factors that may cause it briefly as well as its incidence and prevalence in Australia, Spain and United States of America. It also introduces some of old and recent treatments of this disease. 2.0 Definition of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is categorised as a psychotic disorder. Psychosis-a general word that is usually used as the psychotic illnesses syndromes-affects people’s thoughts, speech and sense of reality. Most psychotic patients experience unusualRead MoreMental Health Care Analysis1485 Words   |  6 PagesFirstly, the analysis will address the standard of mental health care across each category of prison individually, discussing good examples of mental health support, but also, where there are failures. With this, there is a visual map of how the data was categorised. The analysis will then thematically explore the range of recommendations from every prison category to create an overarching conclusion of standards in reference to general failures across the prison system, the impact this has on currentRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Depression1180 Words   |  5 Pagesdisorder and has a lifetime prevalence rate of 6-25% in international studies (Carr, 2012). Reliable diagnosis is vital for the study of mental disorders (Fried, Epskamp, Nesse, Tuerlinckx Borsboom, 2016) and with the rising issue that depression is, individuals with multiple chronic diseases can be tackling depression occurring at the same time thus, it may complicate the treatment of these chronic illnesses. However there is a question of whether it is due to chronic illnesses as to why individualsRead MoreHomelessness Is The Issue And Problem Of Homelessness1567 Words   |  7 Pagessuch as The Collaborative Initiative to Help End Chronic Homelessness exist as a partnered effort by the US Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Veterans Affairs, and the US Interagency Council on Homelessness. These entities exist in an effort to collaboratively house and deliver services to homeless individuals with mental, drug and health related disabilities (Rickards, 2010). The homeless population has several problems and difficulties to face as a resultRead MoreDescriptive Epidemiology Of Major Depressive Disorder In Canada1111 Words   |  5 Pagesused a survey called Canadian Community Health Study - Mental Health (CCHS-MH) to evaluate Major Depressive Disorder among their participants. CCHS-MH is an adaptation of the World Health Organization World Mental Health Composite International Diagnostics. They had a sample of 25, 113 individuals who went through a computer assisted personal interviewer. Their participants were at least 15 years old. In the context of gender, this study states that the prevalence of Major Depressive Disorder was higher