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Value Added Tax - 3058 Words

UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT Financial Management Value Added Tax; Goods and Service Tax ABDOLMABOOD FOOLADIVANDA | MH101017 | Prepared for Prof. Dr. Melati bt Ahmad Anuar April, 2011 1. Introduction VAT is a system in which the tax is collected on the value added to the goods at each stage of sales. The dealer selling the goods collects tax on the full price at which he sells the goods. At the end of a tax period he reduces from the tax so collected by him, the tax which has been charged to by the dealers from whom he purchased goods during the tax period and deposits the balance to the Government treasury. In other words the value added to a product by a business is the sale price charged to its†¦show more content†¦3. Copy of the constitution document e.g. partnership deed for a partnership firm, Memorandum and Articles of Association for a company. 4. Board Resolution authorizing the signatory to sign the application in case of company. 5. Proof of identification of the authorized signatory e.g. voter identity card, passport, driving license. 6. Proof of principal place of business e.g. rent receipt, lease agreement, electricity bill. 4.3. Casual Trader: The persons, who uses occasional transactions in the nature of business involving purchase, sales, supply or distribution of goods or conduct any exhibition-cum-sale, are required to: * Apply for permission in form VAT-9 with fee of Rs 500. * To give security not more than worth Re 1 Lac. * To issue retail Invoice. To furnish detail of goods brought from outside Chandigarh for exhibition-cum-sale. To get his bill books authenticated by delivery order before commence on Sale. 4.4. C-Invoicing amp; Maintenance of Account Books: There are two types of invoices provided under VAT, Act. * VAT Invoice * Retail Invoice 4.4.1. Vat Invoice: The word VAT Invoice to be mentioned prominently: * It is to be numbered consecutively printed mechanically or electronically. * Name, Address and TINNoof selling dealer. * Name, Address and TINNoof purchasing dealer. * Description, quantity, unit price, value and rate andShow MoreRelatedValue Added Tax of the Philippines3307 Words   |  14 PagesValue-Added Tax is a form of sales tax. It is a tax on consumption levied on the sale, barter, exchange or lease of goods or properties and services in the Philippines and on importation of goods into the Philippines. It is an indirect tax, which may be shifted or passed on to the buyer, transferee or lessee of goods, properties or services. 1. What is a VAT registered individual? * Any person or entity who, in the course of his trade or business, sells, barters, exchanges, leases goodsRead MoreValue Added Tax And The Implementation Of China Essay1690 Words   |  7 PagesQiming Wang 9/11/2016 Value Added Tax and The Implementation in China Brief history of value added tax VAT was introduced in 1954 in France, being the invention on an engineer – Maurice Laure – who worked as a fiscal inspector, banking employee and as an employee of a big retailer. If at the beginning VAT was created and destined for big companies, from 1996, at the proposal of the Finance Minister, it begins to be applied also in the retail sector. At the end of his career, the tax author remembered:Read More A report on Value Added Tax Essay1528 Words   |  7 PagesA report on Value Added Tax Introduction Value Added Tax originated in France in 1954 and is under implementation in more than hundred countries. Value Added Tax is perceived by many as means to promote neutrality and uniformity of tax burden and to provide incentives for increased productivity and industrialization. The spread of VAT to the developed and the developing countries alike certainly, makes for an interesting study. Financial Times (London) too stressed the growing importanceRead MoreValue Added Tax And Implementing China Essay2371 Words   |  10 Pagespaper Qiming Wang 9/11/2016 Value Added Tax and Implementation in China Introduction As a type of consumption tax, as of January 1 2014, 164 countries employ a Value-added Tax in the world. All Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) members except the United States now applied VAT. According to the research by OECD committee, consumption tax was a large source of tax revenues, and â€Å"the VAT accounted on average for 6.6% of GDP and 19.5% in total tax revenues in OECD countriesRead MoreThe Role Of Value Added Tax In The UK701 Words   |  3 Pageson national economic development. After Income Tax and National Insurance, value added tax has become the third largest source of income for the British government. Value Added Tax is referred to as VAT. Its predecessor was Purchase Tax in the United Kingdom. And the government began to change to Value Added Tax officially in April 1973. Since January 4, 2011, the standard value added tax of the UK was increased from 17.5% to 20%. Value added tax applies to imports, business transactions and servic esRead MoreAccounting Aspect of Value Added Tax in Bangladesh1634 Words   |  7 PagesAccounting Aspect of Value Added Tax in Bangladesh Term Paper On Accounting Aspect of Value Added Tax in Bangladesh Prepared By : Name : Md. Mahmudul Hassan Roll : University Roll : Class Roll : Supervisor’s Name and Designation Mr. Md Nurajjaman Assistant professor Department of Accounting Govt. B.M College, Barisal Date of Submission : OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying you shall be able to understand : âž ¢ The concept of Value added tax âž ¢ CharacteristicsRead MoreValue Added Tax and Total Sales Tax Essay750 Words   |  3 PagesAnswer 5, 6 p. 71 5. What two things must you normally specify in a variable declaration? You must specify the variable type and identifier. 6. What value is stored in uninitialized variables? Some languages assign a default value as 0 to uninitialized variables. In many languages, however, uninitialized variables hold unpredictable values. Algorithm Workbench Review Questions 3-10 p.71 3. Write assignment statements that perform the following operations with the variables a, b, and c. Read MoreValue Added Tax and Instructor Explanation1215 Words   |  5 PagesCounty has an assessed value of $150,000. Its owner qualifies for an old age exemption of $10,000 and a homestead exemption of $20,000. The property tax rate is $5 per $100 AV. What will be the property tax bill on this property? Student Answer: $7,500 $7,000 $6,500 $6,000 Instructor Explanation: @ Chapter 10. This owner has an adjusted (for exemptions) AV of $150,000-$30,000 = $120,000. If the tax rate is $5 per $100 of AV, then the tax bill will amount toRead MoreValue Added Tax Case Study710 Words   |  3 Pagesfamous for its zero tax status, the introduction of Value Added Tax(VAT) is expected to happen at a rate of 5%, with some limited exceptions including basic food items, health care, and education. The UAE is planning to implement it on January 1st, 2018. According to Nikola Kosutic, the Research Manager for Euromonitor International Middle East, the UAE’s first major tax will have varying degrees of impact on different segments of the retail sector. The value-added tax is a tax on the amount by whichRead MoreThe Tax System830 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The income tax system in our country is cumbersome, complex, and not user friendly. There are many problems associated with our system and most of the country wants a reform to the tax system. Some simply want only changes to the existing system while others want a completely new design. There are a few different alternatives available to us all which have their upside and downside. The Subtraction Method Value Added tax is one system which will be discussed here as a result of its many

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