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Forensic test Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Forensic test - Assignment ExampleThe paper tells that many rhetorical materials collected are usually small and minute and therefore a much sensitive test is reliable. A forensic test should also be specific to avoid compromising. It should not cross check with other test as this increases the tests validity. The ideal forensic test needs to be quick. Many individuals would alike to know the results of their tests as fast as possible due to the anxiety usually facing such cases and therefore a quicker test becomes more ideal. The test should be simple to conduct, reliable and repeatable. This is necessary whenever there is need for verification. Gunn also perceives an ideal forensic test to be affordable and the equipment and reagents should be quick available. The ease with which the equipment and apparatus can be accessed for the test also makes a forensic test to be ideal. Continuous gradual decay process and disarrangement of tissues and structures after death is known as bunkum. There are a number of factors affecting and influencing the sequence and the rate of decomposition. These factors may include temperature, humidity and the media through which the bole has been exposed to. The media may include soil, water supply or preservatives. Tissues rich in blood vessels are always the first ones to suffer autolysis trance those ones lacking blood vessels suffer autolysis later. This is the destruction of cell structure and tissues without any bacterial action. In case of lack of oxygen in the body, anaerobic respiration takes place and this leyds to formation of lactic acid which makes the body to decompose a condition referred to as necrosis (Cengage, 2006). High temperature conditions increases the rate of reactions and this increases the rate of decomposition of a body. This is because energy is available for the decomposition process. A body placed in a cold media like freezing ice or water undergoes decomposition at a lower rate due to deact ivation of bacteria by the freezing or lower temperatures. Similarly preservatives play a function of reducing water or liquid levels in a body thereby denying bacteria favorable medium to work on. A body buried under soil decomposes faster because of lack of oxygen hence more lactic acid formed due to anaerobic respiration and this leads to necrosis. A body lying on top of soil undergoes decomposition at a slower rate due to the availability of oxygen hence lea lactic acid formed. Works cited Cengage, G. (2006,

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