Monday, April 29, 2019

Viva examination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Viva examination - Essay ExampleIn response, while acting as a solicitor, an advice was provided to Mr. Jones to give a no comment interview on 10th April. However, Mr. Jones follows the stated guidelines and does the same but was subsequently refused of bond certificate by the responsible custody officer. This was principally based on certain drive, which include that Mr. Jones would interfere with the witnesses and may return to the Void for trying and determination his accuser. Based on the information provided relating to scenario one, it can be found that Mr. Jones was adamant claiming that he is innocent as well as extremely anxious towards getting bail.In accordance with the aforesaid scenario, it will be vital to mention that a contested bail audience is ascertained under such a scenario, wherein the Crown prosecutor tends to oppose the release of an accuse person and likewise given the prospect to send the sureties that testify on behalf of the accuser (Hannibal & Moun tford, 2014). The above stated context is found to be similar with that of the provided scenario relating to the case of R v Jones (2015) wherein the custody officer refused to provide the bail based on certain valid grounds under the dimension of criminal law. Thus, by considering the failure of persuading the CPS solicitor towards agreeing to provide bail to Mr. Jones, an search has been made to prepare a contested bail hearing. In this similar context, while acting as a solicitor on behalf of Mr. Jones, it must be mentioned that the preparation of a contested bail hearing would be made in such a way so that the custody officer as well as the CPS solicitor would agree to provide bail to the accused party i.e. Mr. Jones. By taking into concern the various attributes of criminal law and criminal justice arrangement, a contested bail hearing will be made initially by ascertaining the charges that are faced by the accused party i.e. Mr. Jones and evaluating his

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