Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Reflection in Classroom Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reflection in Classroom Management - Essay ExampleThe system is also not punitive, which appeals to me. Essentially, Sayeski and Brown advocate a model of classroom management with three tiers. The first tier is teacher-focused. It details how a teacher sets way of lifeal expectations in the classroom, clearly communicates these expectations, sets a positive classroom climate, and creates meaningful instruction. If a teacher examines all of these points, she bequeath eliminate the majority of behavioral issues in the classroom. The second tier focuses on minor classroom disturbances by creating a reinforcement system. This system provoke be rewards that the savants earn for good behavior, or it can be privileges that students lose for poor behavior. The system can address individuals and groups. The third tier emphasizes individual behavioral interventions. Essentially, for continuing misbehavior, the teacher assesses the cause of the students behavior and creates an individua l plan to address this behavior. The plan can establish rewards and punishments, but it focuses on teaching the child the proper social skills to control his behavior. Overall, I plant that the article connects well to my personal experiences. If a teacher spends time developing the first tier, i.e. deciding what behaviors she wants from students and what she testament not tolerate, the students provide generally ensue the rules. In my experience, most students want the teacher to like them and will follow the rules if they are clear and communicated to the student. The second tier is a good method for addressing behavioral issues arising from groups or for when students forget the rules and expectations of the first tier. It provides a means for establishing order when a large number of students become alike restless. I found the third tier to be very useful. The students who cause the most issues in the classroom are usually individuals who lack the social skills to engage in appropriate behavior. To avoid embarrassing the student, I like that the third tier calls for meeting with the student individually and developing a method of alter the students behavior. I believe that the goal of education is to teach a student and not just punish him. This three tier method focuses on teaching students appropriate social skills and behavior and not just punishing them. Personal Behavioral Management Plan Students must retain an enjoin learning environment in order to demonstrate proper behavior. When students are not aware of what the teacher requires, they exhibit poor behavior due to frustration and ignorance. We, as teachers, cannot expect to follow rules and routines that we do not communicate to our students. Below is a sample classroom management plan that introduces rules, procedures, and consequences that the teacher will follow to create an ordered, positive learning environment. Sample Classroom Management Plan Rules 1. No profanity. 2. No sleeping. 3. win hand to speak. 4. Bring materials to class. 5. Be in assigned seat. 6. All other rules as explained in your student handbook. Special Policies 1. You are allowed bathroom privileges. I only ask a few things a. sign and consider the sign out sheet b. leave and return quietly and in a timely fashion c. if you use your pass-out improperly, you will lose bathroom privileges d. you may also lose privileges for excessive trips 2. You will have the opportunity to correct any assignment that you

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