Thursday, April 25, 2019

Health Care Delivery System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Health Care Delivery formation - Essay ExampleAs governor, she brought down the percentage of uninsured by 25 percent in just two years by expanding Medicaid benefits to the near poor. She knows full well that previous national efforts to prune the number of uninsured have failed. Just last year Congress failed to reach agreement in establishing legislation that would have increased the number of people who would qualify for Medicaid. The governor supports a move toward a single payer musical arrangement in the health care industry as a fomite to help pay for people to have access to health care insurance, but does not guess all of its components. You are the governors best friend and happen tobe enrolled in the lives degree program in health managementat a University. She asks you to inform her of your thoughts of implementing a national single payer system. Include in your discussion the likely effect this type of system would have on the administrative embodys, delivery of s ervices, and payment for services rendered. Dont forget to publish her about the possibility of pent-up demand and what may happen to availability of and access to services. Will her invent to use administrative savings cover the 16 percent of Americans who are uninsured? Why or why not?Experiences in Canada and UK have proven the effectiveness of the single payer health system, as both countries have covered large percentage of their population and have a lower cost of health care per capita than US. Implementing this same system in the US would cover most of the uninsured Americans and would allow for better availability and access to services to the entire population, as the 25 % of health expenditures spent on administration would be allocated toward better health services, however, one most meanest the financial problems that arise from merging the unlike insurance factors as Medicare and Medicaid, as they would in united into a single health care system,

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