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How would Jesus lead Worship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How would Jesus lead Worship - Essay Example It is all about people’s normal vision of worship compared to how Jesus, as a Church leader sees it Himself. The second part of the book deals with the practical suggestions for contemporary believers paying much attention to the gospel of Luke. This significant piece of the discussion in the book is divided into four separate chapters titled as follows: Humble Servants, Leaders with Authority, Creative Communicators, and Reliant on the Spirit (Hargreaves and Hargreaves 38, 61, 81, 103). All of them lead a reader toward the idea of what God gives a worshipper for just one song while praising in psalms. Interaction and dialogue as based on my experience First of all, this book changed my way of thinking about personal relationship with Jesus. I know that we should keep up with the demands of time. Just praising Jesus in a new way is a good idea for those who seek God’s grace into their lives. In this vein, the authors admit the following statement: â€Å"Jesus would kee p up with the trends—we must be completely up to date with what we wear† (Hargreaves and Hargreaves 8). Hence, I see that the book is a practical guide for every believer aware of the right side in worshipping. Based on my experience, I cannot communicate this message to my peers other than to make my praise to God really powerful. In other words, new styles in music and singing are to be shared while praising God due to His multifaceted manifestations of power and reason, because God creates something new every single day. Certainly, the book is full of different standpoints regarding a step-by-step instruction on how to follow Christ-like way of worshipping. I feel that each Christian should bear in mind that singing like Jesus needs more practice so that to the Holy Spirit. Taking a look at my worshipping style, I have come up with what I should do in advance, namely â€Å"being obedient in service to God’s design for our lives† (Hargreaves and Hargreav es 9). Definitely, this is why so many Christians do not have what God promised them. It is similar to the story of the People of Israel when God led them to the Promised Land. Looking through the gospel of Luke, I have realized the scope of benefits God gives those sharing the same message as Jesus taught. In this respect it is not about the material amenities, but the spiritual jump within the myriad of divine manifestations of God power in lives of ordinary believers. Those who urge for His glory trying to get the revelation of how to become more like God will definitely reach this goal out through praising God every single minute in church or elsewhere. Critical assessment While reading the book, I have realized that the church is in need of more vision in how to worship God. The overall impression from this book is that the church should be flexible and open to the needs of contemporary humanity so that to please everybody in music styles and genres. Being culturally mature is the first step. Second, I have understood that there should be more tries on how to be closer to God on the part of me as a believer. The model I have pointed out while reading the book is as follows: â€Å"The supreme example of worship intimacy surely has to be looked for in Christ Jesus and his relationship with the Father† (Hargreaves and Hargreaves 12). Therefore, the follow-up in the Christ-like way of worshipping has become my credo. Our devotion to Jesus should be felt by the Creator. However,

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